Friday, September 5, 2008

Here he is my new arrival!!! Jackson Thomas born July 3rd!
Talk about an Art Slumber!! I feel soooooooooo out of the artsy-loop!! I had my baby!!! And took three months off! His name is Jackson Thomas and he is the light of my life. I am in love and having the time of my life with him. I'll post some pics of his beautiful face. But..... in the meantime I have not painted one lick, one stroke! I feel as if I've neglected one baby for another! I miss it so much. But can't seem to get back in the swing of painting. For one thing Jackson took over my studio in the guest bedroom... so it is now a baby nursery. I really have no where to paint. I'm going to have to create a new studio somewhere in the some corner of my home. And breastfeeding and caring for the baby leaves little time left in the day (not to mention I don't really want his little lungs breathing in acrylic paint just yet!). So when will I get it together and get back to my other love???? Let's just say one day at a time. IT WILL HAPPEN SOON THOUGH!!!!! I CAN'T STAY AWAY FOR TOO LONG!! CHEERS!