Sunday, August 11, 2013

Under the weather and a commission

So... where have I been lately? Well, my son and I have been really sick for the past week and a half. Chamomile tea and steam baths have filled our time lately. It's really a bummer to be sick. They only work you get done is mental checklists and inspirational thoughts because you don't have the energy to do anything physical. But... just before, a bit during, and some time after I was sick I've also been working on a commission piece. A client requested a focal point piece to adorn her freshly painted bedroom walls. She wanted it to compliment her new bed linens which were a beautiful flower print with rich colors of orange, yellow, green, white and charcoal. We communicated over several weeks to collaboratively create the perfect piece for her bedroom. Here is the piece. Disclaimer: This is a one-of-a-kind piece. There will be NO prints made of this painting.
I truly enjoyed working together with this client to create an abstract painting that would compliment her bedroom colors!