Sunday, August 9, 2009

Recent Contemporary Abstract Art

Textures, rich colors, depth, simplicity... Affordable Contemporary Abstract wall art for your space....

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

First Stage of Creating Textured Contemporary Abstract Art

In this blog I'm going to explain my first stage in creating my Abstract Art: Texture

One of my favorite characteristics of Abstract Art is texture. Texture is so important in my pieces. Texture, actually is THE most important element of my Abstract Art. It is essential for my art to have a 3-dimensional quality to it. I have tried just simply painting color on canvas, but I always return to the texture.

Texture can be created in so many different ways in Artwork. You can use the paint itself as a texturing element by painting on extra thick or use a pallet knife. You can mix in a texturing medium that mixes in with the paint. You can use other mixed-media items such as tissue paper or any material that will give the piece a 3-D effect.

The way that I usually start my pieces is by covering the canvas with old, clumpy, thick, expired gesso. That’s right... I have cans and cans of old gesso that have coagulated into this fabulous textured medium. I smear it and stipple it and cluster it over and over until it just feels and looks right to me. Sometimes it takes two minutes and I’m done, other times I’ll be there for an hour manipulating the medium on the canvas. In these pictures you can see the textured canvas after it has dried. The final picture is showing the texture after I started painting it. Click on the images to really get a zoomed in view.

Next week I'll talk about color!!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Recent Paintings

I've obviously been into Green lately

Textured Contemporary Abstract Art: the Journey of Creation

Well my son is a year old now and I'm finding I have a bit more time to get back to the drawing board, so to speak. I've taken a year off from painting and I've missed it every second. Although... I've enjoyed so much caring for my son and watching him grow and develop into a little toddler (actually not a little toddler... he's very big for his age, 95th percentile).

Now that I'm painting again I'm really looking at my Abstract painting style at a much deeper level. I've been away for so long that it felt like I forgot my style, my technique. I didn't really though, it flowed right back out from the depths of my painting memory. But I have been hyper-aware now of each step I take in the creation of my abstract pieces. It is important for every painting or piece of Art to have a story and a bit of history. And it's important for the proprietor and/or consumer of that art to know its story.

That’s why today I want to share with you the process... the “Journey of Creation” of Chaanda’s Contemporary Abstract Art!!! I’m going to attempt to blog once a week about the process my paintings take, from beginning to end. We’ll talk about texture, color, composition, mood, and inspiration. I will talk about one feature at a time and put it in context with pictures of each stage of my process. I hope you will tune in each week as I create my newest piece of Art!

Create your Fate my friends!!!