Friday, July 19, 2013

Fun Friday

I took a break from painting today and went on a play date with some of Jackson's best friends and 3 amazing Moms!! One of my best techniques when painting is the ability to put the brush or putty knife down and walk away from a painting. This allows for a fresh perspective and it always gives me the ability to see something either positive or negative that I didn't see before. I can't tell you how many times I've completely changed a painting after returning to it the next day. And some days I'll be fixated on some portion of a painting that I'm not happy with and fiddle with it for hours. When I walk away and return the next day I'll quickly swipe a couple globs of paint on that spot and fall in love with it again! Abstract painting is a fine balance of order and chaos, effort and idleness, inclusion and omission. It's as much about knowing what to add as it is knowing when to stop. It's also a very deep and personal experience... by both artist, curator and collector. We fall in love with pieces not only because of the color added to the canvas, but also because of the negative space that defines the painting. I chose today to walk away, to rest and revive. I will return tomorrow with recharged batteries ready to bring paint to canvas!!

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