Friday, July 26, 2013

Obsessed With Circles (where is this going?!)

I really wanted to title this blog post "Obsessed with the color combination of yellow, green, teal, gray, and white (with hints of brown and red)" but for the obvious reason I didn't. I'm also obsessed with circles so I kept the title simple. My last several series have included this particular color combo (Moonlight and Fresh series for example). But what has also popped up quite often in my paintings are circles. So why not put the two together!
Where is this piece going? I'm not sure yet but I know I'm having a ball (pun intended) making gray and teal and white and green and yellow (with hints of brown and red) circles! And how long will these obsessions last? Well, until something else inspires me and poof!... the next obsession will dominate my canvas! Speaking of the color gray (or grey), has anyone else besides me been confused on how to spell the word that labels this popular color created by mixing black and white? Is it gray or grey? Well since I have to tag the colors that are used in my paintings, I wanted to make sure I was spelling it correctly. So I did my research. Turns out a lot of people have the same confusion (it came up endless times in Google search - see for yourself). And it turns out that the rules are not black and white on how to spell the color (pun intended again). Both spellings are "correct and common". However, "gray" is the most widely used spelling in the U.S. So I think I'll go with the common spelling. And I think I'll continue to create gray circles (until the next obsession of course)!!!

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