Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Out of my comfort zone

So I started three new 12X12's today. The first step I usually take is applying a layer of texture with either paint, a textured medium or gesso. The beginning layer of texture gives me a starting point to guide the lines of the painting. I also usually start with a thin layer of gold over the whole piece. This gives a brightness and shine from behind the painting. But today I began just painting with rich colors. It was out of my comfort zone, yet completely exhilarating. I was manic while painting. I soared through the three painting in almost a runner's high! I loved the way the simple texture of the canvas came through the painting. I also left the warm colors behind and went with bright yellows, whites, greens and blues. Please tell me what you think. I'm not sure if I'm done or not. They are simple and bright.

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