Wednesday, July 17, 2013

I'm baaaaaaack!!!

Wow! I'm wiping off the cobwebs. It's literally been four years since I blogged. You can see the date of the last post. What happened? Well I'll tell you... The birth of my son! "But he was born in 2008" you say? That's true, however, I started painting again when he turned a year old. That was a moment in time when Jackson was old enough to entertain himself a bit and I was still a stay at home Mom. That moment didn't last long though, and I was back to work and busing Jackson here and there to preschool and playdates and so on. And here we are in the summer of 2013 and I've decided to dive back into it. And so, the rebirth of my Etsy shop! It feels so good to be back. Painting is literally therapy for me. And my mind and body were craving that release. However at the time I didn't realize it. It all started when a coworker asked me to do a painting for her about a year ago. And I thought, "Do I even remember how to paint?" She bought the materials and I went to work. It was as if I never stopped painting. And it felt so good. Here is the piece I created for my friend:
But life and work got in the way and painting was a memory once again. Then, I needed a new focal point for my living room earlier this year. I pondered "Are my paints still useable? Maybe they're all dried out? My tools and supplies are all in my storage room." Turns out, many of my colors were, in fact, all dried out! But there was just enough to create a new piece for my living room. I dropped a cloth on Jackson's playroom floor, plopped a few paintbrushes and tubes of paint down, placed the three canvases on the cloth and began. The heavens opened up and the angels sang! Well, not really, but it felt that way. Pure bliss! Here's the piece I created:
It's amazing how things just come back to you! It's like riding a bike. But time and life aged my skill... and for the better. I discovered a new technique then and there. I have been painting steadily since the beginning of June and I'm discovering new techniques along the way. Texture is still my driving force - the constant that I always start with. Welcome back to my blog!

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